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Windmills of Zaanse Schans live webcam Netherlands

Webcam Live Zaanse Schans - Netherlands

view over the one of the most famous tourist attraction of Netherlands, the small village located on the banks of the Zaan river, complete with tidy green houses, real working windmills performing various functions and small museums.

Boulevard Hotel live webcam Scheveningen

Known for its beautiful sandy beaches, the aquarium housing a variety of marine life, the fishing harbor and the lively promenade, Scheveningen hosts various events and festivals, such as beach volleyball tournaments and music concerts, adding to the town's vibrant atmosphere.

Longest pier of Netherlands (60 meters), the iconic Scheveningen Pier, stretches out into the North Sea and offers a range of entertainment options, including restaurants, shops, bungee jumping and a Ferris wheel.

Webcam Live Scheveningen - Netherlands

view over the beach of the popular seaside resort town located on the western coast of the Netherlands, webcam mounted on the Boulevard Hotel Scheveningen.

Rotterdam live webcam Erasmus Bridge

Webcam Live Rotterdam - Netherlands

stunning view over the Erasmusbrug, one of the icons of Rotterdam, also,
one of Holland’s most famous bridges, named after Desiderius Erasmus (Erasmus of Rotterdam), a proeminent Christian renaissance humanist.

Grote Markt live webcam Groningen

The centerpiece of the city of Groningen, (Grote Markt), dominated by the Martini Tower and the Town Hall is best known for its concentration of bars and restaurants, such as the Three Sisters, largest bar in Europe.

Webcam Live Groningen - Netherlands

view over the Market Square (Grote Markt) in the city centre of Groningen