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Andromeda Hotel live webcam Ostend

Known for its long sandy beaches and vibrant promenade, Ostend is a popular tourist destination located on the North Sea coast in Belgium, also, its significant port play a vital role in both commercial and passenger transport and serves as a connection point to the United Kingdom for ferry services.

The three-masted tall ship called Mercator, one of Ostend's iconic landmarks, which was originally built as a training ship for the Belgian merchant fleet, is today a museum ship, offering visitors a glimpse into maritime history.

Webcam Live Ostend - Belgium

view over the North Sea's beach from Andromeda Hotel Oostende

Webcam Live Brussels

Located in the central part of the country and serves as the de facto capital of the European Union, Bruxelles is home to the headquarters of several major EU institutions, several other international organizations and multinational corporations.

Webcam Live Bruxelles - Belgium

view over the Grand Place (Grote Markt) surrounded by stunning medieval buildings